Key Goals Addressed

We set out to build a booking platform, keeping user goodness at the heart of the project. This thought process allowed us to craft a seamless booking experience across different modes of travel.

Primary Users

Defence personnel wanting to travel within India at affordable prices.

Problem Brief

How can you bring multiple modes of travel all under one canopy and simultaneously provide a seamless holistic experience, irrespective of which channel its users book from?
In its essence, this was the problem statement we were dealing with. How could we encompass all of these services onto level playing ground without hindering the user experience?

Our Contribution


User journey

User Goals

Value Proposition Design


Personas, Scenarios, Actor Needs,

Info Architecture, IxD Spec,

Product Features, Prototyping, User Testing


Product development with booking engine

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile experiences

Optimised flows with secure payment



  • Using sound design principles, we compressed various features of bus booking facilities all under one screen, all the while making sure we didn’t overwhelm the user.
  • All information that pertained to the booking is shown so that the user can quickly modify any aspect of their booking based on their preferences.
  • Expandable tabs allow users to view additional information on the same webpage without having to navigate elsewhere, which would end up impeding the user flow.


  • Once again, we kept the design minimalistic, yet housed enough information on the screens to keep the user journey smooth and seamless. >
  • A proactive user interface actively suggests additional modes of transport for the same journey that the user can consider.
  • Various filters such as arrival time, train type, origin & departure station assist users in honing in on their specific results and accomplishing their goals.


  • For UdChalo cabs we adhered to the same design principles we used for building out the bus and train verticals. Simplicity, cleanliness and relevance.
  • Multiple vehicle options allow users to pick whatever they felt comfortable in.
  • Information regarding inclusions such as who will pay for fuel, total GST, driver allowance, etc are explicitly mentioned to avoid hassles post booking between rider and driver.



Revenue streams added




Core practices transformed



Not only was the initial brainstorming for the product done entirely by the Locusnine team, we also took it upon ourselves to come up with ideas for the product during various ideation sessions involving loads of sticky notes!

Business Analysis

We broke the product down into different aspects and understood each individually by figuring out how the aspect can be sold and how people can search for it, while keeping performance high and hits to the vendor API low.

Vendor Coordination

We dealt with different vendors of the UdChalo team for numerous tasks, ranging from but not limited to acquiring documentation, integration approvals, business outcomes deliverables and product maintenance.


Once the user flow was approved from the clients end and other stakeholders in the project we got down to the visual designs. Taking cues from the wireframes of the user flow we mocked up several VDs, while keeping the user flow intact.


Keeping in mind that the product had to be horizontally scalable, reliable and low in maintenance we built it out using cloud native technologies.

Tech Stack

What does our customer have to say

I have known and worked with folks at Locusnine for half a decade and seen them evolve over the years. Conversations with them are always fun and meaningful. They are a rare combination of good design, good tech, good business and good soul. Time and again they have shown outstanding product leadership. I have found them to be as comfortable and competent with frugal early stage product validation as with horizontally scaling complex technology. I believe having good people around is good for business, and this team is a valuable asset to have around.

Varun Jain, Co founder & CEO - udChalo

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