Key Goals Addressed

Jendamark - Managing digital documentation and associated workflows for assembly lines in production.
Manufacturing Plants - Quick, easy access to relevant up to date documentation for expedited resolution to mission critical issues.

Primary Users

Jendamark - Administrators, Project Managers, Documentation & Design Leads. Manufacturing Plants - IT Administrators, Line Technicians performing assembly tool changes & maintenance.

Problem Brief

How do you effectively digitize anachronistic tangible resources and organize them into a methodical and instantly accessible library? This was the problem brief Locusnine was dealing with. Jendamark are makers of manufacturing lines for automotive and aerospace components. These lines function for many years and require to be maintained and modified regularly. Their progress has to be documented and should be easy to locate in time of need. Requisite documentation not being readily available causes delays in production

Our Contribution


Technology Assessment

Product Features


User Goals

IxD Spec, Prototyping



Product Development

Cutting edge technology

Enabling Scalability, Resilience & Reliability


We facilitated easy navigation through the vast amount of resources by pointing users exactly where they needed to go.

  • We gave users multiple ways(QR code scanning, hyperlinks) to access relevant information.
  • Organized tabs allowed for minimalistic yet relevant information to be shown without overwhelming users.
  • Customizable layouts allows users to view the application in whichever format they feel comfortable in.
  • The Overview screen presents a line layout in which facilities are annotated.
  • Crucial facility relevant documentation is one click away on the left panel for quick access.

A folder structure for lines was predefined to guide the software to pick up information from very specific places in the network folder, per line. .

  • This process ensures a rigid structure and unison across manufacturing lines
  • Establishing a structure blueprint beforehand served as a single point access for administrators to capture the layout of documentation for any manufacturing line.
  • Adhering to the same predefined folder structures across all manufacturing lines made for an organized repository that can be comprehended and scaled easily.
  • Our software intelligently ensures the folder structure is always kept updated.
  • Customizable settings allow administrators to quickly implement changes across all manufacturing lines.

The define view functionality allows administrators to define what documentation each line should consist of.

  • It allows administrators to use CMS functionalities to define the structure of how documentation for manufacturing will be laid out.
  • Enabling such transparency not only saves time but also increases efficiency.
  • The admin can configure various menu attributes such as icons & folders and the location of files or folders where the menu item is supposed to link to.
  • The view structure was categorised into 3 segments (Line View, Facility View and Supporting Facility View). This translated to faster access times for users, owing to such a methodical structure.

Assigning users to roles and specifying which plant lines they have access to greatly simplified processes.

  • We not only mapped users to their respective roles and lines but also defined their roles.
  • This bird's eye view allowed admin to quickly understand roles and line permissions of distinct users within each plant.
  • Defining roles and permissions here ensured control over the vast breadth of users in the ecosystem.



Projects live on digital documentation portal

20 SEC

Time taken to import a project on our platform


Maintenance activities missed on the service portal



Manufacturing is primarily a waterfall based industry and is what our customer was used to, but, we realised it wouldn’t be best for creating intangible products such as software, where one needs to be agile. We reached common ground with Jendamark after drawing on from the best of both methodologies and implementing that in our approach.


Storyboards were created to string together user goals and prototypes. This helped in developing requirements for the product and thinking through complex ideas clearly.


We followed an agile approach where we quickly built out a product that accomplished users goals and covered the requirements as per the stakeholders.

Tech Stack

What does our customer have to say

We've been working with Locusnine for over a year now and they've always delivered more than expected. They have a solid team that brings unique perspectives coupled with deep industry expertise to the table. Along this fruitful journey. not only have they built out some of our most widely used products and effortlessly scaled intricate technology but they've made us believe that good trustful folk are invaluable assets to any company.

Himanshu Jadhav, CEO at Jendamark India Pvt LTD

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