Key Goals Addressed

Simplify product search and the rental process. Renting from a trusted business.

Primary Users

Students, Newly employed professionals

Problem Brief

People who move around a lot do not like to spend on permanent things. It costs a considerable amount of money to move assets such as furniture, vehicle, heavy electronics etc. These items that need not be bought permanently has created a good scope for Rental companies like Rentomojo and Furlenco. They lead the online market offering a variety of goods, their services and numerous variants. What does a B2C rental company need to do differently to be able to establish itself in the market? We shall explore.

Our Contribution


Market Analysis, Interviews

LoFi Prototypes, HiFi Prototypes

Usability Testing



Brochures, Banners


Front-End Development

End to End App Integration & Testing


Landing page - Responsible for initiating the conversion.

  • We carried out user research sessions with our users browsing through e-commerce rental websites’ landing page.
  • We did a competitive study of the other rental websites and came up with a feature matrix for the landing page. We then prioritized the order of these features based on our understanding of the consumer behavior about renting.
  • We tried to inculcate the values of our client, Honesty and Transparency through the landing page by showing the rental process of the company and exact number of customers as well as some of their testimonials.

Product listing page - Responsible for people to come back to, for a seamless search experience

  • We conducted research to understand how people go about looking for products to rent by giving them real-life scenarios.
  • Based on our understanding, we included a plethora of user friendly features to help users navigate through all the products:
    Menu Strip - The menu strip makes all the different product categories and their subcategories easily accessible to the user.
  • Filter on the left - helps narrow down to the final choice. Compare Products -An on-screen side-by-side comparator to compare without having to switch between multiple tabs.
    Product Tiles -Shared the actual photo of the product.

Product Details Page - Responsible for building trust with your users

  • Our research helped in identifying the key challenges and obstacles faced by people when it comes to deciding to subscribe to a product.
  • Some of the features that contributed to building trust:
    Duration choices along with rental amounts for that duration: People really liked the fact that the price for every duration was up-front and didn’t mislead them in any way.
  • Price breakdown - clearly showed what users would be paying for the product right now and over the course of time along with any added offers and discounts.
    Details and specifications - Curated descriptions and detailed out specifications with a benefits section.

Additional contributions

  • Create brand and marketing collateral to attract customers and increase’s online presence.
  • Shared the understanding of users perspective on products, their perceived quality and other factors contributing to a particular product being subscribed.
  • Shared usability findings of the in-development website to highlight key areas that could be improved to convert people into subscribers and enhance usability.



Usability improved


User Interviews


Usability Tests



We understood the market by conducting semi-structured interviews and competitive market analyses.


We were able to crisply identify the challenges faced by customers and define features to specifically address them.


We relied on our experienced designers as well as referenced top competitors to design the features identified through an iterative process.


We validated before we started, validated while designing and validated after the product was ready always with real, unbiased users


We had to validate 70% of our assumptions till we developed the website and we did so at a rapid pace, going live in 12 weeks.

Tech Stack

What does our customer have to say

We engaged Locusnine when we already had a part of our product built out, and like many startup stories needing to get a robust product out there within a tight deadline. They were able to successfully work with an existing setup and leverage it well. They planned and conducted field user research, quickly translated it into our production e-commerce site, conducted user tests, all the while maintaining and evangelising consciousness around key product metrics. We’re delighted with the results and so are our customers. We continue to work with Locusnine for future engagements and are happy to recommend them. All the best team Locusnine!

Jagminder Sehrawat, Co-founder - A2zOnRent

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