Key Goals Addressed

For users to define their objectives and track their completion.
Monitor performance of the organisation against objectives at various levels.
Analyse causes of non achievement of objectives.

Primary Users

Employees at different levels within the organization.

Problem Brief

Every company has its unique set of goals and targets. Sometimes, these goals are met, sometimes they aren’t. For organisations to survive in today’s competitive age and be the best version of themselves, they need to understand the reasons behind the non achievement of goals so that they can accordingly take action and improve their performance.

Our Contribution


User Goal mapping, Functional Specs,

Journey Mapping,

Lo Fi Prototypes, Hi Fi Prototypes


UI, Backend,


Data Store,


We’ve designed a system which includes defining and measuring KPIs which in turn helps to understand the progress towards achieving the objective.

  • Some features that delighted the users:
    Hierarchical KPI Listing - Allows users to view their own KPI’s, their subordinates KPIs and their parents KPIs at a glance.
  • Computed Metrics - By capturing vital KPI data through forms and computing them, metrics were generated which could be analysed by users to understand performance.

For an organisation it is almost impossible to track the progress of each employee towards achieving their objectives.

  • We designed features that enables users to get an organisation wide snapshot of objective completions from the CEO to the junior most employee.
  • Some features that delighted the users:
    Organisation Adoption Tree - This feature gives the user an idea of who is failing to meet metrics and where they may need to step in and offer assistance.
  • Deployment Tree - Provides users with an extensive list of their respective KPI’s for the current financial year along with their subordinates KPI’s. By colour coding each individual KPI node based on its ‘health’, we facilitated quick decision making and transparency across the entire ecosystem.

For being able to survive in a competitive world and be the best they can be, companies need to know the reasons behind non achievement of goals.

  • We designed custom reports and the dashboard module for users to be able to understand these reasons of non achievement.
  • Some features that delighted the users:
    Custom report - Making use of some tools, users can create reports tailored to their own purpose. Users can also add widgets and assign these widgets to various data representations which help in analysis.
  • Form Builder - This feature allows users to create a form with specific questions relevant to the data they want to capture.



Ongoing enterprise pilots (Nov 2020)


Enterprise Deployment


Lives impacted (& counting)


Understand the Domain

Policy deployment was a new domain to Locusnine and we gained a deep understanding of it by talking to key stakeholders, reading how policy deployment is done as well as going on the field and talking to end users about their daily jobs in a manufacturing environment.

Ideate with Stakeholders

Since this domain was new to us, we tried multiple approaches to help users achieve their policy deployment goals and rapidly iterated with stakeholders to arrive at a final solution.

Build and Ship Loops

Being highly agile, we employed a parallel design, build and ship approach to software development. We conducted and participated in demos to potential customers to gather feedback and incorporate that and test it.

Tech Stack

Image Gallery

We also collaborated with TQMI to work on conference decks and journey maps, just to name a few.

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