Key Goals Addressed

Incorporating new technology into their existing ecosystem, upgrading architecture of their existing system so it can handle a large number of users reliably and performant manner, build out strategic product components enabling faster go to market.

Primary Users

Beneficiaries of our work were Development teams, Architects & Senior IT stakeholders within Accops. End users of the product are IT Administrators and employees of any organisation that incorporates the Accops Digital Workspace.

Problem Brief

The Accops Digital Workspace provides a secure platform for people to manage their data and virtual workspace. Enabling people to work from home, virtualise their employees workstations, increase security and implement standardisation across an enterprise. Furthermore, the software is used for managing licenses for educational institutes and for enforcing policies for what employees can use in large banks. As the size and complexity of the Accops offering grew it became difficult to scale the software to a large number of users. It was also challenging to make use of newer available technologies.

Our Contribution


Technology Assessment


Competitive Study

LoFi Prototypes

HiFi Prototypes


Horizontal Scalability

Ensuring Reliability

Technology Workshops

Accelerated Time to Market


The Accops remote diagnostic tool allows users to share their screen and provide mouse & keyboard controls to the IT personnel

  • The IT personnel can diagnose their issue remotely without compromising on the user’s security.
  • Locusnine envisioned how this entire process would work, we made user flows, architected it and developed it (except for the desktop client).
  • For the desktop client, we made designs and helped their team implement it.
  • We also conducted workshops at Accops to make sure that together we could maximise the quality of the product and decrease the time it takes for the product to be released.

The Accops product suite is centered around digitising workspaces so that an enterprise can consider its assets (laptops, softwares, all digital assets) ‘controlled’ by a central place.

  • From unique use cases such as work from home policies to broader ones like making VPN’s to accessing virtual machines through gated Accops software, Locusnine enhanced their products teams so they could incorporate new technologies.
  • We also looked at their existing architecture, evaluated it and made sure the product was scalable.

Locusnine revamped the entire Accops website, making the experience even more seamless and immersive for their website users.

  • We first conducted an extensive and thorough competitive audit. By shortlisting and assiduously breaking down competitor websites by the section we were able to single out best industry practises and guidelines to adhere to.
  • Once the wireframes were good to go it was handed off to our visual designers who married some colour, industry based illustrations and feel to it. This was the final product.
  • Based on these practises, guidelines and tenets we mocked up wireframes, which we reviewed every day with the marketing head of Accops.


Achieved in collaboration with the Accops team


Increase in user handling capacity


Increase in Performance


Decrease in time to market



Conducted workshops in conjunction with the Accops CEO to help them come out with the best architecture possible in order to achieve their product goals.


Helping their teams adopt newer technologies. Helping them with specifics and guiding them on how to learn them and which technologies to look at.


To migrate from their traditional technologies to selective modern technologies keeping in mind more than 10 aspects such as learning curve of existing team members, maintainability, community support, etc.

Tech Stack

What does our customer have to say

We have been working with Locusnine for over a year now - the depth of their technical expertise, their passion for the work they do and their ability to quickly grasp a complex domain and deliver within challenging constraints is remarkable. They have the patience and perseverance needed in product teams that succeed. They are indeed a people first team and have been able to integrate well with our team members across levels. Great job guys, keep it up!

Vijender Yadav, CEO - Accops

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