Key Goals Addressed

Understand various aspects about the governance of a program. Have actionable insights to improve various aspects of a program. Be notified of key issues in program governance. Facilitate compliance for program governance.

Primary Users

Program Managers, Managers of Program Managers upto the CXO level.

Problem Brief

In a large enterprise, there are many processes in place to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. However, it becomes difficult to track how everybody in the organization is adopting and executing these processes when there are thousands of initiatives. In order to better govern groups of similar initiatives, we helped TechM design a suite of applications. These applications also had to be part of their existing delivery platform- NADTM which meant that there were plenty of constraints while designing workflows.

Our Contribution


User Goals, User Journey

Info Architechture

Agile User Stories


System Design Framework

LoFi Prototypes, HiFi Prototypes

Usability Testing


Leaderboard of programs within the organization. Programs are ranked based on KPI performance across different dimensions.

  • Users then use this application to understand their progress as well as improve various aspects of the programs.
  • Some features that delighted the users:
    Table Design - A table that includes graphical representation of Program rank trend as well as score changes across different ranking dimensions.
    Charts and graphs - Intuitive and interactive charts help users dive deep to assess situations and improve scores.
  • Further work :AI-ML integration to identify patterns in KPI data and preemptively identify possible issues and suggest issue resolutions.

Program Managers need to report the health of their programs on a weekly basis. This helps users to have actionable insights to improve the health of a program.

  • Aspect health is reported at initiative level, carried forward to program level by business rules. Processes, SLAs, mailers are automated, minimizing interactions!
  • Some notable features:
    Dashboard - Displaying key health related metrics and health trends across the organization.
  • Auto and Multiple Report Submission - Generation of health reports using automated business rules without human intervention.
  • Health Trends - Preview of the health of a program across various aspects.

This is an application to assess and report the readiness of a program based on a checklist for every phase of the lifecycle, to help users facilitate compliance for program governance.

  • This application allows users to create different assessment checklists for different types of programs so that all programs can comply with company wide program governance objectives.
  • Some notable features:
    Generic checklist creator - Free form table with in-line editing to swiftly create checklists of multiple hierarchical levels
    Dynamic collaborative checklist assessment - There is a single checklist creation module creating checklists for multiple applications which have their own specific workflows.



Legacy applications migrated in a year


Design defects after go-live


Process Automation



Interviewed Program Managers, Senior leadership, Legacy system champions to understand the users as well as the existing systems in place.


Created user stories of features to validate with users and stakeholders.


Created wireframes and High fidelity interactive prototypes to cover happy paths as well as edge case scenarios.


To be sure that we are delivering quality design, we conducted tests at multiple stages of the application development.

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