Amol Hadkar

Weekend Cricketer

Creative at heart, his midas' touch turns even the most complex business needs into gold user interfaces. He's the seasoned hand behind Locusnine's visceral design magic.

Co-founder & Director, 14+ yrs exp

Sumit Maingi

Biking Junkie

A tech ninja, who gets his hands dirty when needed. Has rich experience driving large enterprise level applications from start to finish. His forte is his horizontally scalable skillset and nothing is impossible' attitude.

Co-founder & Director, 15+ yrs exp

Kaustubh Patki

Perennial Humorist

Being a tenacious go-getter, he has worked across many verticals. From being a Developer, Architect, Project Manager to now being VP of Engineering, he has mastered them all. He is always up-to-date with the latest technology and is always ready for a new challenge.

Co-founder & Director, 15+ yrs exp

Raman Sah


A Software Consultant who is a JavaScript enthusiast. Petrol head since birth, he loves to travel and explore new places. He is an open source contributor who believes in bringing ideas to life through technology.

Software Consultant, 3+ yrs exp.

Aaryaman Basu

Indie Drummer

A UX Designer with a sharp eye for detail. Fondly known as the office encyclopedia, he brings a unique perspective to the table leaves us in awe of the knowledge he possesses. He is passionate about design thinking and is driven to create impactful experiences for users.

UX Designer, Fresh & Free of Bias

Ashish Ranjan

Bollywood buff

An experienced UX Designer who is working towards the goal of combining technology and creativity. He has a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

UX Designer, 2+ yrs exp

Jayesh Motwani

Sports Enthusiast

Eager to learn and try out new technologies, he is always on the lookout for opportunities to grow. Always up for adventure and extremely invested in international affairs.

QA Engineer, 1+ yrs exp

Ankit Singh

Ukulele player

An experienced Full-Stack developer who is always creating something unique through code. A ukulele enthusiast who was part of a five-piece band that performed across multiple cities.He also loves playing outdoor sports and makes productive use of his free time.

Full Stack Developer, 2+ yrs exp

Sidhant Gakhar

Self-titled bon vivant

A tech enthusiast who personifies the phrase "Lead by Example". A proactive member who is well updated on technologies and is always hands-on while dealing with a crisis.

Full Stack Developer, 6+ yrs exp

Oishi Bhattacharyya


Oishi has a diversified portfolio and is always looking for unique opportunities. Currently, her interests lie in Aviation and music composition. Music is her creative outlet and she enjoys art as well.

Software Developer

Anchal Singh


A Software Developer experienced in designing and developing backend applications. A passionate foodie who loves cooking up a storm!

Software Developer, 2+ yrs exp

Malcolm Taraporewala

Guitar Hero

A programmer turned business Analyst. He takes social interactions very seriously and uses them to bounce ideas off his colleagues and friends.

Product Owner, 10+ yrs experience

Ayush Pandey

Musical Maestro

A Software Developer with a passion for music. He sings, plays the guitar and piano as well as produces sound tracks in his mini studio.

Software Developer, 1+ years experience

Ashlesha Waikos

Artistic Soul

A Software Developer with a passion for art. She enjoys web development and focuses on improving Human-Computer Interaction.

Software Developer, 1+ years experience

Siddharth Srivastava

A Cinephile

Siddharth enjoys playing cricket whenever time permits, and loves to watch movies.

Senior QA Engineer, Siddharth has been a part of multiple projects and has learnt various aspects of Software Testing. He was primarily involved in the BFSI Domain.

Amey Rivankar

数独 (Sudoku) enthusiast

He is based in Goa and loves to explore all the hidden gems it has to offer - from its beautiful monuments to its ever refreshing beaches and waterfalls. He loves all sorts of sports and travelling.

DevOps Engineer, 4.5 years of experience

Anita Shah


Anita believes in glassdoor philosophy and ensure to keep her values uncompromised. She's gritty, self driven yet fun to be around. Fond of Reading and a Canvas painter.

Head of Human Resource, 5+ years of work experience

Aayushi Tiwari


She has completed her engineering in IT, her post graduation in Big Data Analytics. She enjoys reading, dancing and gardening!

Software Tester, 3+ years of experience in the industry

Manish Inamdar

Bike Enthusiast

An experienced engineer who thoroughly enjoys riding his bike and travelling within the country. Exploring the North East of India is his dream.

QA Engineer, 5+ years

Yashasavi Yadav


A software developer with over 4 years of experience. He is a bike enthusiast and a food lover!

Software Developer, 4+ years

Meher Baria


Meher has more than 8 years of experience in Sales. She enjoys reading, particularly the Fiction and Fantasy genres.

HR Executive,8.5 years

Nidhi Singh


Hailing from a sales and engineering background, Nidhi is extremely passionate about solving problems and making an impact on people with the help of her designs. She also enjoys dancing and a good game of badminton.

UX Designer

Yarul Singh


He is a technology enthusiast who loves to dissect pieces of code.Yarul believes in having a glass-half-full attitude. He loves nature and enjoys playing basketball..

Software Developer,3 years

Bikram Jagdev

Curious Case

He embraces autobiographies of entrepreneurs and likes to spend free time studying the stock markets. Bikram definitely gives us some career goals by running a startup in the logistic sector.

Software Developer,3 years

Hemant Bavle


He is fond of reading spy/military stuff, watch documentaries, and surfing. Two things he would lean towards making his hobby would be Travel and Photography.

Technical Lead,8+ years

Harshal Davda

Destructive Singer

He is a fond reader, explores new technologies, and a backpacker on weekends.

Technical Lead, 8+ years

Ambar Gupta


He is a video game enthusiast, an avid watcher of anime, and an explorer of new places.

Software Developer, 3 years

Sudarshan Saxena


He has work experience in frontend development. He loves to talk about sci-fi and conspiracy theories!

Software Developer, 2 Years

Pranjalee Das


She rode towards her passion after her BCA and has an experience of almost a year.

UX Designer

Anirban Kar

Chess Player

He is a Full-stack developer with more than 2 years of work experience in Machine Learning, specifically Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning. Catch up with him to talk movies, anime, and PC games.

Senior Software Developer

Hemant Upadhyay


He has worked in web and mobile application development. He’s a backpacker and has travelled from North to South of India and has a keen interest in joining the Indian Armed Forces.

Software Developer, 2 years

Sneha Gokarn

Biker mom

Her love for building products led her into a career as a Product Manager. She loves to ride her bike to diffrent places and blog about it in her travel blog!

Lead Product Manager, 12 years

Kusumika Nagar


She is a Tea enthusiast who loves to read books. She is a music lover at heart and is learning to play the Ukelele.

Digital Marketing Specialist, 2 yrs exp

Kunal Kumar


He is an eperienced QA developer who enjoys riding his bike to nearby trekking spots. His love for writing poetry about our current society in his free time

QA Lead, 9 yrs, exp

Shivam Sen

Fitness Fanatic

Shivam has worked on product workflow design. He is a skillful swimmer and a fitness enthusiast.

Senior Software Developer, 6 yrs exp

Smit Vora

Music Lover

Smit loves all things music. He plays the keyboard in the band 'The Crew'. He loves to explore hidden places and enjoyes playing table tennis.

Software developer, 1.5 yr exp

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