At Locusnine, we advocate few or no levels of management. We believe that every member has an equal say in the decision making process. This elevates the level of responsibility and improves communication in the organisation. We rely on collaboration and increased involvement. Rigid and traditional pyramid structures are things of the past.

“Think in products, not in features.” - Nikkel Blaase We believe in high levels of interaction with the client to understand their requirements. They come to us with their problems and we align the thought process using methods like Journey Mapping, Opportunity Assessment and Business Model Canvas. Once the thought process is aligned we work on it with the client and mature it as to what the solution should be.

Design is the most elegant solution to a problem. Freedom in design empowers the team to bring strategic value to the company with innovation and creativity.
We encourage tackling problems as a team and we trust their knowledge and judgement and encourage free exchange of ideas to bring about creative flow.

We try our best to implement a quick feedback loop so that errors are caught frequently and the necessary action can be taken. Making all our products work at their best is our priority, and we make sure we take the needful steps.
Thus, we make sure that all our products are tested at every stage to ensure maximum efficiency.

We believe that there is no barrier when it comes to working from a remote location. We maximise the use of technology to its fullest and are able to work from different parts of the world just as efficiently.
Quality work is our priority and thus we provide our members with the option of working from wherever they feel will get their creative juices flowing.

Life @ Locusnine

Flat hierarchy, Freedom in creativity, flexible work hours, flexible work location and fun with a tight-knit team are some things that define life @ Locusnine

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