Who we are

We are a product innovation studio adept at design and technology, not shy of exploring social, economic, cultural and environmental constructs and collaborations.

We are looking to align our skillset with work opportunities that are meaningful as they are challenging. Having experienced multiple industry domains as a company and as individuals, we went through a visioning exercise in June 2019 and found our calling in choosing to focus on problem statements which are impactful to humankind, beyond simply being profitable to business.

Some of our work

Thoughts and Perspectives

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Life @ Locusnine

Flat hierarchy, Freedom in creativity, flexible work hours, flexible work location and fun with a tight-knit team are some things that define life @ Locusnine


Our team of designers, engineers, thinkers, doers and more bring the creativity and freshness of a studio and the technological expertise of an engineering firm to deliver compelling, user-centric products.


Paritosh Chhibber


A UX practitioner and mentor, he champions solutions that are a perfect intersection of design, psychology and business. He generates innovative ideas from thin air and excels at making things better.

CEO, 7+ yrs exp


Amol Hadkar

Weekend Cricketer

Creative at heart, his midas' touch turns even the most complex business needs into gold user interfaces. He's the seasoned hand behind Locusnine's visceral design magic.

Co-founder & COO, 14+ yrs exp


Sumit Maingi

Biking Junkie

A tech ninja, who gets his hands dirty when needed. Has rich experience driving large enterprise level applications from start to finish. His forte is his horizontally scalable skillset and nothing is impossible' attitude.

CTO, 14+ yrs exp


Kaustubh Patki

Perennial Humorist

Being a tenacious go-getter, he has worked across many verticals. From being a Developer, Architect, Project Manager to now being VP of Engineering, he has mastered them all. He is always up-to-date with the latest technology and is always ready for a new challenge.

VP of Engineering- 14+ yrs, exp


Rajesh Sharma

Gaming Evangelist

Having perfected the art of building RESTful APIs at scale years ago using both MEAN stack & C#, Rajesh set his eyes on conquering the UI world sprinkled with AWS cloud, with great success.

Full Stack Developer, 6+ yrs exp


Abhishek Shukla


Obsessed with automation, Shukla has managed a 400 odd server deployment single handedly using languages like Python & powershell while building API’s and simple UI’s.

Full Stack Developer, 6+ yrs exp


Nitika Pandey

Wellbeing Yogi

Transforms complex systems and specifications into intuitive solutions with grace on a daily basis. She deftly handles creativity challenges with equal poise. Team's conscience keeping ethics champion.

Product Manager, 5+ yrs exp


Sandeep Pal

Masterchef Locusnine

Technologist turned designer, he loves to spend time with users to see the world from their eyes before delighting them with well tested designs. Guardian of UX and research.

Product Manager, 5+ yrs exp


Abhilekh Choudhary

Incurable Wanderlust

A keen observer, even the minutest of details are caught by his hawk eyes. His passion for quality software has him excelling at managing software delivery.

QA Architect, 8+ yrs exp


Saurabh Kamble

Baddy Smasher

A front-end guru who express his creativity masterfully through CSS, Saurabh also has extensive experience in backend tech including but not limited to MEAN stack, C# and Java.

Full Stack Developer, 8+ yrs exp


Aaryaman Basu

Indie Drummer

A UX Designer with a sharp eye for detail. Fondly known as the office encyclopedia, he brings a unique perspective to the table leaves us in awe of the knowledge he possesses. He is passionate about design thinking and is driven to create impactful experiences for users.

UX Designer, Fresh & Free of Bias


Ashish Ranjan

Bollywood Buff

An experienced UX Designer who is working towards the goal of combining technology and creativity. He has a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

UX Designer, 2+ yrs exp


Jibran Shaikh


A Full-Stack Developer who is self-taught. Judge him by his work- no shortcuts please.

Full-Stack Developer, 2+ yrs exp


Krishna Khandagale

Funny Chap

A Full-Stack Engineer who excels in writing optimised code. He is a passionate coder who is well-versed in multiple languages and strives to make his deliverables reliable and easy to work with.

Software Developer, 5+ yrs, exp


Raman Sah


A Software Consultant who is a JavaScript enthusiast. Petrol head since birth, he loves to travel and explore new places. He is an open source contributor who believes in bringing ideas to life through technology.

Software Consultant, 3+ yrs exp.


Rhea Arora

Puppy Enthusiast

She has dabbled in various fields like marketing, sales, business strategy, and recently, business analytics. A young mind set out to make an impact in the world, she is determined to work towards social causes.

Intern, Yet to graduate


Shradha Kutty

Food Connoisseur

She spearheads recruitment and ensures smooth sailing of their day-to-day tasks. She has developed her sense of responsibility by raising an enthusiastic and rather large 3 year old golden retriever.

Human Resources Manager, Fresh & Free of Bias


Tasneem Hadkar

Super Swimmer

A school teacher with an affinity for Sociology. She freelances as an Intern with Locusnine and has recently mastered the art of creating Ecosystem Maps. She enjoys swimming, traveling and cooking and is a wildlife enthusiast.



Tejal Shah

Pencil Sketcher

An empathetic designer inclined towards making tech easy by understanding user psychology. She enjoys skimming through tech blogs and autobiographies.

UX Designer


Jayesh Motwani

Sports Enthusiast

Eager to learn and try out new technologies, he is always on the lookout for opportunities to grow. Always up for adventure and extremely invested in international affairs.

QA Engineer, 1+ yrs exp